Revelation 2.0

Revelation reveals passwords hidden behind asterisks

Revelation is a program that reveals passwords hidden behind asterisks.
Some programs under Windows XP remember the passwords you use to enter them. For privacy protection, the passwords are usually displayed as a series of asterisks. This way, nobody can guess which is the password.

Nobody, even you. And sometimes you will need to know the stored password, cause you don´t remember it and you will need to use it in another computer, where it is not stored.

Revelation 2.01 will show you the text that hides behind the asterisks, letting you recover your passwords.

This is the procedure. Put in the screen the window where the asterisks appear. Open Revelation. Drag the circle with the cross over the asterisks. If the program detects a text, it will show a green light into the Revelation window.. The text under the asterisks will be shown on the "Text of Window..." box. You will also see the length of the text. You can copy it to the clipboard, for later use.

You can set the program to start minimized.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a free way to recover forgotten passwords


  • It doesn´t work in most cases
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